Through our community, our products, and our rewards plan, we are able to help our members with all four cornerstones of wellness.


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real people real results

We’re on a mission to bring health, happiness and prosperity to people all around the world!  But don’t take our word for it, hear what some of our members have to say… 

a community
powered by love 

Our Community is a movement of people uniting and helping one another. No matter who you are or where you come from. The love that is flowing through this community allows everyone to be who they are and start truly living a life they love.

Grounded in

Grounded in wellness means that we strive to improve our physical, social, mental, and financial wellness through our amazing products, our community, and our rewards plan. Join the club today and start improving these four cornerstones and start living a life you love!

The Barefoot Challenge

The premise of the barefoot challenge is to begin grounding yourself to the earth ridding your body of inflammation. Inflammation cannot live in a grounded state. Increased neuro inflammation causes anxiety and depression. Start your barefoot challenge today and improve both your physical and mental health!

our message through song

The strength of our community is that we are powered by love. This song is a reflection of exactly who we are. 

join the club

Joining the All4One Club is no different than when you joined Amazon Prime, or Sam’s club. We are a shopping club, grounded in wellness. The difference is that the All4One Club gives back generous cash rewards to all of its Members. You can join the club as a Member and receive all the perks that come along with it, or simply become one of our very happy Customers.